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 Change Is Embedded in Our Culture

From Brian's Desk

Change Is Embedded in Our Culture

By Brian Holding, CEO Emeritus - Retired

In November, Human Kinetics staff celebrated the career of Yvonne Griffith, who retired after 30 years of service. It is humbling to think about Yvonne’s commitment to HK across a span of time when the company grew from a small print publisher with a handful of employees in Champaign, Illinois, to an international information company with nearly 300 employees around the world.


Yvonne’s career exemplifies a major trait of our corporate culture: change. Our staff like to use this phrase: “We hire flexible people because we don’t want them to get bent out of shape when their jobs change.” Yvonne began her HK career as a typesetter, entering typewriter-generated manuscripts into a Compugraphic machine to create columns of type that were pasted onto pa…

Global Perspective

HK's Initiative in China

By Barry Johnson, Department Director

Human Kinetics has been selling books in China for more than 15 years. Since that time we’ve worked hard to make our content available to the Chinese people.


Five years ago, we reached an agreement with a former HK employee, Enyi Cai, to represent us as our distributor for China under the name KinesWorld. KinesWorld has been successful in building our institutional, journal, and e-book sales. Operating as Human Kinetics China, KinesWorld has sold at least $25,000 in products in each of its five years.


The KinesWorld website,, is used as a promotional tool but does not have a shopping cart. As KinesWorld builds inventory of HK products, we will add web sales.


KinesWorld will continu…

Throughout the fall, HK technology staff members have been hard at work upgrading the platform that delivers our website.  We’ve also begun a major hardware replacement to the storage systems where our files and data live.


Many people wonder why we undertake these types of initiatives, given the months of planning, development, quality testing, and implementing required before we can make the changes live. For our website and storage projects, the reasons are very different.

New Web Functionality

Human Kinetics uses a sophisticated web content management system. We’ve developed a strong partnership with the system’s developers, who continually update the software as part of their own development road map. Our partnership…

Tips For A Successful Publishing Experience

Changes on the Horizon in HK’s Editorial Process

By Lynn Davenport

Throughout our 40-year history, HK has provided a higher level of editorial assistance to you, our authors, than many other publishers offer. While some publishers focus primarily on copyediting and production management, HK provides authors with developmental editing by in-house staff who are experts in the publishing process and in many of our subject areas. HK’s developmental editors (DEs) have an average of 13 years of editorial experience!


Let the Celebration Begin!

By Amy Rose, Video/Associate Mgmt Editor

We at Human Kinetics will mark our 40th year in business on April 1, 2014, but we’re not waiting until then to start celebrating this accomplishment. Employees have been working for months to brainstorm, plan, and coordinate events to celebrate the 40-year journey leading up to this auspicious day.

“We thought it deserved to be celebrated for more than one day,” said Kim Scott, anniversary committee member and association management director. Scott said other employees and internal committees have joined in to plan events small and large in the company.

The wellness committee is planning a 40-minute walk for employees and possibly city leaders and neighborhood representatives. The community service committee is incorporating the number 40 into some of …

Division Direction

Presidential Youth Fitness Program and Texas Immediately Embrace

By Bill Sunderland, Marketing Director

Fitnessgram 10 (FG10), the latest version of the nation’s most respected and widely used youth health-related fitness assessment, was released early this fall. The new release is already being used by the Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP) and has been adopted by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).


New features of FG10 software include a fully hosted solution that eliminates the need for school systems to purchase servers and involve instructional technology staff in installing the program. FG10 is hosted with its founders and developers on servers at The Cooper Institute. A modest annual subscription fee provides complete hosting, full tech support, and all updates and enhancements as they become available.


The PYFP adopted Fitnessgram as its…

New Releases: October 1, 2013, - December 31, 2013

These are the products that were released and offered for sale between October 1, 2013, and December 31, 2013. Clicking on a product title will take you to more information on the HK website. In addition to these products, visit the iTunes store for app titles: Bodyweight Training Anatomy and Yoga for Better Running and these interactive enhanced e-book titles: Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy, Kettlebell Training, and Stretching Anatomy, 2nd Edition. The American Sport Education Program has also released a new Sport First Aid online course.

The Softball Coaching Bible, Volume II

by National Fastpitch Coaches Association

Authors and Editors in the News Authors and Editors in the News

We’re pleased to share milestones that our authors and other friends have achieved recently.

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