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Advances in studies of genes associated with exercise behavior traits
Several research designs and technologies have been used over the past two decades in the effort to identify genomic regions, genes, and sequence variants associated with exercise behavior and exercise biology traits.
Athletes experience health benefits of training, with some risk
It has been demonstrated that exercise training in previously sedentary individuals has beneficial effects in terms of reducing the incidence of upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) (Nieman et al. 1990; Nieman, Hensen, et al. 1993).
Early German roots of exercise physiology
In 1719, Friedrich Hoffmann (1660-1742), a physician from Halle, obtained his doctoral degree with experimental investigations about the effects of physical exercise on the human cardiovascular system and on digestion.
Despite its brief history (1927-1947), no physiology laboratory in America is more revered than the Harvard Fatigue Laboratory.
Modern society continues to value champions
Any study of sport that is not a study of the society in which that sport is located is a study performed out of context. In order to make sense of society—and how sport both reflects and reinforces societal structures and subcultures—one must bring to bear theoretical insight and empirical inquiry of the kind described in this chapter.
Noninvasive methods of examining muscle architecture and quality
A relatively new noninvasive method to investigate changes in muscle architecture is becoming popular. The use of ultrasonography to image muscle structure has proven to be a valid and reliable method of examining changes in muscle.
Rationales for investing in elite sport and mega events
The case of elite sport investment is slightly different. Here, I consider the political rationale for investing in elite sport and mega-events, bearing in mind that state investment is a finite resource.
Sport media messages hold sociocultural implications
As noted earlier, one central factor in the emergence of media studies was the appreciation that the establishment of capitalism, industrialism, and formal state institutions under modernity brought an enormous capacity and drive to overcome the limitations of face-to-face communication by sending messages, simultaneously if possible, to a vast cohort of dispersed recipients who would probably never meet or resemble each other.
Supplementation in stimulating muscle protein synthesis
The two most common whole proteins used in dietary supplements are casein and whey.

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History of Exercise Physiology
Well illustrated with figures and photos, this text brings together leading authorities in exercise physiology to help readers understand the research findings and meet the most prominent professionals in the field.

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