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Kim Scott

For the past 18 years, Human Kinetics has provided management services to a number of associations in the physical activity field. The services include hosting websites, managing membership, running conferences, hosting webinars, and even helping associations get started from scratch. Association management wasn’t even a term that we were familiar with when we started providing these services—it was just something HK’s cofounder and president Rainer Martens thought HK could do to give back to the field. Many of the members of the associations we were working with were HK authors, contributors, or journal editors. The organizations they were involved in expressed a need for assistance, and the expertise already existed within various departments at HK (technology, marketing, sales, fulfillment, editorial, design).


The first association we provided services for was the National Academy of Kinesiology (formerly American Academy of Kinesiology and Physical Education). When Rainer was inducted into the academy, he offered HK’s services for collecting membership payments, handling the site logistics for the academy’s annual meeting, and publishing the biannual newsletter. Rainer saw this as a way to give something back to the field and the authors who had helped to develop HK over the years. These services were very helpful to the association whose leaders were volunteers and already had full-time positions as professors, department chairs, deans, and even presidents of academic institutions all around the United States. HK provided the consistency from year to year, reminding the leadership board members of their duties and deadlines. Since the early days, our services have grown (see following list), and the number of associations we provide services to has grown as well.


Association management services is aligned organizationally in the Journals Division, which is due to many of the associations having a journal publishing partnership with Human Kinetics. As the unit director, I work full-time on association management. I’m assisted by Amy Rose, who coordinates the association publications and websites while also working in the video department as a video editor and production coordinator, and by Lyna Buzzard, who coordinates all of the incoming membership and conference registrations.


We are constantly updating and adding new content to the websites we manage, and we are also working with a few of the associations currently under contract to revamp their websites to add a fresh look and new functionality. If you have an association in need of any of the services provided by HK, please contact us.


Association Services Provided by HK

  • Website design, building, and hosting
  • Membership management
  • Conference management
  • Conference site selection and on-site management
  • Education (webinars, online courses)
  • Publication services (newsletters, journal preparation, e-newsletters)
  • Abstract submission (conference abstracts)
  • Voting (officer elections, awards)
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Logo design
  • Association start-up (EIN, incorporation, nonprofit, 501(c)3)

Associations Currently Working With HK

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