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  Jun 22, 2016 to Jun 29, 2016


Can pregnant athletes compete?

Can pregnant athletes compete?

On June 26, 2014, Alysia Montaño, defending champion in the 800-meter event who had won a total of five national titles, joined a field of top runners on the track at Hornet Stadium in Sacramento, California, during the U.S. National Track and Field Championship. What a difference a year had made in her performance, however. Montaño, known as the Flying Flower because of the signature flower she wore in her hair when she competed, had dominated the 800-meter race the previous year. ...

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Gender imbalances persist in sport leadership at the Olympic level

Gender imbalances persist in sport leadership at the Olympic level

The Olympic Games are the pinnacle sporting event for athletes, with more than 10,500 athletes competing in the Summer Games and just over 2,500 athletes in the Winter Games. At the most recent Summer Games in London, women constituted their highest percentage of participants ever, with 44.3 percent (4,751) competing for 205 national Olympic committees (NOCs; Smith & Wrynn, 2010; 2013). Despite the efforts to achieve gender equity among the athletes, the leadership of women at the Olympic ...

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The racial spin in tennis

The racial spin in tennis

In her book So Much to Live For, Althea Gibson, the African American athlete credited with breaking the color barrier at two of the most prestigious tennis events in the world, Wimbledon and the United States National Tournament (later to be called the U.S. Open), wrote, "Most of us who aspire to be tops in our fields don’t really consider the amount of work required to stay tops" (Gibson & Curtis, 1968, p. 59). While Gibson’s quotation was in reference to the work ethic and ...

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Women as Consumers and Fans

Women as Consumers and Fans

Women have more purchasing power than ever before. In fact, they now account for $7 trillion in consumer and business spending in the United States. Over the next decade, they will control two-thirds of consumer wealth. Additionally, women make or influence 85 percent of all purchasing decisions and purchase more than 50 percent of products traditionally bought by men, including home improvement products, automobiles, and consumer electronics (Krasny, 2012). In other words, women are the ones ...

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HK News


15 to Watch, June 27, 2016

By Rick Horrow and Karla Swatek
with Jamie Swimmer

1. Wimbledon begins on Monday, and this year a "major marketing push is underway, with a view to developing a stronger presence in the U.S.," according to the London Telegraph. Wimbledon’s public façade "remains defiantly uncommercial." The only logos seen on the grounds are those of its "working partners," including Rolex clocks, Ralph Lauren uniforms, and Slazenger balls. This decidedly low key commercial profile has created ...

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