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Sports Nutrition: Clarifying the confusion about what's best to eat

Sports Nutrition: Clarifying the confusion about what's best to eat

Nancy Clark answers your questions about what and what not to eat to fuel your athletic performance or active lifestyle. read more

What is the right exercise for your age?

Physical status, function and physiology changes with age. Because of this, you have to adapt your training. In this free webinar, you can find out if you are doing the right exercise for your age. read more

Decoding the physiological signatures in EMG signals

When muscles contract they emit electrical signals that are picked up by Electromyography (EMG). The signals code many features of the physiological state and recruitment patterns of the muscles. This free webinar will explore the physiological signatures in EMG signals. read more

Is physical activity enough to offset the effects of deprivation on children’s health?

Children living in the most socially disadvantaged neighbourhoods are at greatest risk of poor health including obesity, yet they have been shown to be the most physically active. Evidence suggests that social inequalities in child obesity are widening in England and opportunities for out-of-school physical activity are becoming more exclusive. Dr Rob Noonan will share his experiences and reflections and discuss some overlooked areas in the public health literature. He will outline some of the read more
 You’re pregnant, are you sure you should be doing that?

You’re pregnant, are you sure you should be doing that?

This webinar will aid understanding of physical activity behaviour during pregnancy. The webinar will describe current recommendations and evidence for physical activity during pregnancy. Insights into barriers and attitudes to physical activity during this time will be explored. Possible strategies and solutions for increasing engagement will also be discussed. read more



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