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Dynamic ground stretches for sports

Dynamic ground stretches for sports

The following stretches make up a dynamic progression from ground movements to standing movements. It is best to do them after a light warm-up such as an easy jog or run for 5 to 10 minutes - just enough to generate very light perspiration. The stretches engage the power nets, but they are named by the specific body regions that are targeted.

Ground Stretches

The following stretches are done on the ground. They focus on dynamic flexibility preparation of the core muscles and the fascia of your ...

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Perform a quick fascia mobility assessment

Perform a quick fascia mobility assessment

You may also refer to this as the quick test. This one is appropriate for new or old problems that are not serious injuries, and will indicate whether it will help you quickly. If it does help quickly, then the fascia mobility assessment (FMA) solved a minor problem that could have become chronic or more serious. This also indicates that you will be able to easily manage this problem and probably eliminate it so it never bothers you again.

The five quick assessment steps are as follows:

Step 1 ...

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What are fascia mobility nets?

What are fascia mobility nets?

Fascia mobility nets (FMNs) are anatomical visual aids that help you easily assess, locate, and eliminate problem areas in your body. Always visualize any individual net with extensions and layers that can branch up and down, sideways, diagonally, or in spirals and can be deep or superficial (Myers 2014). In addition, keep it firmly in mind that single nets never work alone, and in sports and in life, they are all simultaneously active to greater and lesser degrees depending on function. The ...

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