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Getting to the bottom of the FODMAP diet and its potential use with athletes 12/12/18 at 3pm GMT

The FODMAP diet has become very popular over the last decade in the general population and for athletes. It is well structured and with a good education can be followed with positive outcomes. It is also helped by the fact that there is extensive food composition analysis which is regularly updated which helps individuals follow the diet. Can it play a role in the management of GI distress in athletes? read more

All models are wrong, but some are useful: How biomechanical data can support decision-making in performance sport 5/12/18

Supporting athletes to be faster, higher or stronger is a complicated problem with multiple hypotheses for each performance question. Biomechanical and performance data can be used to assist athletes and coaches navigate these problems using an evidence-based approach. read more

Respiratory influences on oxygen transport, fatigue and exercise performance 21/11/18

The aim of this webinar is to discuss respiratory influences on oxygen transport and how they might exacerbate exercise-induced respiratory and/or peripheral muscle fatigue and compromise endurance performance in health and disease. read more
“A Hard days’ night” Lifestyle behaviours and risk of disease in shift workers. Wednesday 14th November 2018. 11 am GMT

“A Hard days’ night” Lifestyle behaviours and risk of disease in shift workers. Wednesday 14th November 2018. 11 am GMT

Implement or develop new interventions promoting PA in shift workers based on knowledge from current PA patterns together with the effectiveness of health promotion programmes. read more



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