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Mental Training for Athletes

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Developing a Game Plan
When developing a game plan, players should keep in mind five basic offensive shots. When players develop each of the following shots, they will have a package of offensive strengths with which to build an overall offensive game plan.
Increase flexibility, reduce injury, with enhanced edition of Stretching Anatomy
Stretching Anatomy, Second Edition: Enhanced Edition combines step-by-step instructions, visually stunning illustrations, interactive muscle identifiers, and several videos to feature the top stretches for the neck; shoulders, back, and chest; arms, wrists, and hands; lower trunk; hips, knees and thighs; and feet and calves.
Physical Demands of Tennis
Sport scientists have demonstrated the detrimental effects of fatigue during extended tennis play. After about an hour of tennis play, hitting inaccuracy, unforced errors, and mental mistakes begin to creep in; serve and stroke velocity decline; and speed of running to the ball decreases.
Thrust Launch Serve Technique
Objective: To take the basic flat serve to new levels by adding powerful lower-body technique to the mix.

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