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Academic Online Education Center

Academic Online Education Center FAQs

  1. Follow the instructions received from your sales rep regarding how to enter students into the class, but make sure that the information you have for the students is accurate. Please ensure that you know what the students will be entering for themselves on their end. If the information is not identical, a duplicate student account will be created. We recommend that you just create the class and leave the roster alone. When the a student selects Join Class on their side and enters his or her data, it will automatically add the student to the instructor’s class roster.

  2. Go to the Academic OEC and select Faculty Center. Select Log In and enter your email address and password. The adopted course will appear in the table. To the right in the red banner, select Add New Class, then input the class info.

  3. Go to the Academic OEC and select Faculty Center. Select Log In and enter your email address and password. Then select View/Edit Students next to the appropriate course. This will show your class roster as well as exam scores. It will also show you which students have not yet joined the class or taken the exam.

  4. You will receive a key code from the sales rep in your instruction packet. Go to the Academic OEC and select Faculty Center. Select Log In and enter your email address and password. Enter your key code to gain access to the adopted course.

  5. 1. As a student I have entered my key code, but my instructor says that my name and information are not showing up in the class.

    A: Go to the Academic OEC. Go to My Courses and enter your login credentials. In the course table, next to the course title, select Join Class. Enter the Class Code given to you by the Instructor and then enter your school ID. The ID must be the same ID used by the school at which you are taking the course for credit.

    2. I was given a class code and told to join the class, but there is no button that allows me to do this.

    A: Your instructor should have told you to call in your order; in this scenario, however, you most likely ordered your course online. By doing so, you would have been granted access to the course through the Professional OEC, not the Academic OEC. Therefore, you would be unable to join your academic class. To remedy this, please contact HK Customer Service at 800-747-4457, option #1, and we will submit a request to our software development team to have the appropriate change made to your account. Also, please contact HK Customer Service for any applicable price adjustment.

    3. I have been entering the key code, and it is not allowing me to join the class.

    A: As a student, you should not be entering a key code; you should enter the class code provided by the Instructor. HK Customer Service can verify the class code by logging in as the Instructor on the Faculty Center and giving the student the right code to enter.

  6. Go to the Academic OEC and select Faculty Center. Select Log In and enter your email address and password. The course title will be listed in the red banner. Below the red banner, in gray, you will see the class that you created. Click on Class Info to the right of your class; the class code will be listed there. It is case sensitive.

  7. Access the Academic OEC, not the regular professional OEC site. The Academic OEC site is academic.hkeducationcenter.com/. Select Faculty Center and then select Log In.

  8. The DE department has decided that to change these times should not be allowed for the Instructors. Although we provide a link where instructors can request a different time, this will not be allowed in the future.


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