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11 Tips for Motivating a Guy to Exercise
For many men, making a commitment to exercise is not easy. But internationally recognized fitness and nutritional expert and personal trainer Ray Klerck, a former Men’s Health cover model, says there are many ways a guy can convince himself that making the decision to take better care of himself is the right thing to do.
Eight Principles to Prepare the Muscles for Fighting
It is understood that when you do strength training, the strength you gain in the gym will translate into improved performance in the ring.
Athletes serious about improving their physique and strength-training performance will do anything they can to achieve success. But according to Susan Kleiner, a registered dietitian and creator of the widely popular Power Eating program, advice given to strength trainers is often a confusing mix of fact and fiction.
How popular media distorts the way people look at core exercise
Too often in American popular media, the primary focus of core exercise is placed on potential aesthetic benefits, such as “six-pack abs.” People should instead focus on the potential functional or sport performance benefits of core exercise.
Seven reasons why people should train with kettlebells
Cutting-edge trainer Steve Cotter outlines the seven reasons why the kettlebell may be the best option for your fitness needs among the myriad options now available—and why you should make it your tool of choice.

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