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Assigning Game Numbers and Locations
The game numbers on the brackets for single-elimination, double-elimination, and multilevel tournaments were assigned with the assumption that there is one location.
Common Issues With Groups
Working in a group is usually a good way to get things done, especially in recreation and leisure settings. Bringing together diverse people with their own opinions and ways of doing things can create a rich environment for success. However, traps and pitfalls can occur; leaders can avoid them by understanding some of the warning signs and responding accordingly.
Help students learn by asking effective questions
One way to help students learn game tactics and give verbal expression to what they are learning is to ask effective questions. Each game in this book includes a couple of important questions to get you started.
Impacts of technology in outdoor recreation and adventure
Technology plays an increasingly influential and important role in outdoor recreation and adventure. The last 10 years, in particular, have seen a virtual explosion of technological developments in the outdoors, ranging from clothes to equipment such as signaling devices and protective gear.
Learn an offensive attack
Objective: For the offensive team: to score on the defending team; for the defensive team: to get the ball away from the offensive team
Learn to play a game of Forearm Four Square
Objective: To advance to the king’s or queen’s court by successfully using a forearm pass into each other’s squares
Lyons Falls and Pleasant Hill Trails
Hiking distance: 2.4 miles Estimated hiking time: 1.5 hours Hike through an impressive gorge to see two waterfalls and a large lake.
The Wilds
Located in southeastern Ohio near the junction of Interstates 70 and 77, the Wilds is a unique place.
Traditional Face-to-Face Versus E-Leadership
In the technology-rich environment in which we live, our key interpersonal and professional encounters are not likely to be solely face-to-face or virtual. Rather, our relationships exist on a continuum between more or less virtual. Some of us believe that virtual encounters, via Facebook, MySpace, Skype, FaceTime, and the like, enhance our already established relationships.
Trail Finder
Whatever your desire, difficulty, or mileage, use this trail finder to locate your perfect hike.
Understanding Tournaments and Leagues
Covers nine types of tournaments or leagues: single elimination, double elimination, multilevel, straight round robin, round robin double split, round robin triple split, round robin quadruple split, semi–round robins, and extended (such as ladder and pyramid tournaments).
Values, Beliefs, and Emotional Intelligence
If it is not clear yet in this chapter, let me be unequivocal now. Leadership - your leadership - is about you. Your ability to be the best leader you can be does not depend on your attempts to copy others or emulate great historical figures. Rather, it has everything to do with knowing who you are and understanding what you need to do to become a better version of you. It is all about you.
What is Outdoor Adventure Education?
The English word adventure comes from the French term aventure, which evolved from the Latin term adventurus, which means simply “about to arrive” but which over time has come to connote an exciting event that contains elements of risk and/or danger and where the outcome is uncertain.

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