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Thirst as a Signal for Fluid Intake
"As to the taking of stimulants during the race, I will say that I know from actual experience that the full [marathon] race can be covered in creditable time without so much as a single drop of water being taken or even sponging of the head—I have done it myself. This of course is when in perfect trim."
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Making sense of why runners collapse
Why would anyone expect the symptom of thirst to be present in collapsed runners? Thirst is such a powerful urge that any thirsty marathon runner suffering from dehydration during a race will simply stop at the next refreshment station and drink until her thirst is slaked. Simple.
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Seven clear symptoms of Exercise-Associated Hyponatremia
Having established how much and what endurance athletes should drink to optimize health and performance, we now turn to the defining characteristics of EAH and EAHE.
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Introduction – A change in view of hydration
Marathon runners were not alone in this belief. Cyclists in the race that was considered the ultimate physical challenge—the Tour de France—were advised similarly: “Avoid drinking when racing, especially in hot weather. Drink as little as possible, and with the liquid not too cold. It is only a question of will power.
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The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports
Short Description

Tim Noakes, medical doctor, exercise physiologist, and internationally recognized expert on human performance, debunks current hydration beliefs. Waterlogged outlines practices that endurance athletes should follow, variables they should consider, and guidelines they should use to maintain proper fluid balance in sport training and performance.

© 2012
Book   448 pages
ISBN-13: 9781450424974

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