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Secrets to Success in Sport & Play-2nd Edition


Encouraging the learner
Trying to have a thorough understanding of the mechanical principles and the visual evaluation skills involved so that your help can be specific and keyed to a particular skill or problem will help you see relationships, make wise choices and decisions, and increase the possibility of a transfer of learning from one activity or situation to another.
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Tips & techniques to improve your balance
Everyone can improve their balance and save themselves from possible injuries and embarrassment. Following these simple tips just might help.
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Lengthening of the iliopsoas, and toe touching
Because connective tissue shortens if not periodically stretched, a heavily used muscle may actually shorten, causing tightness and a loss in range of motion.
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Control their momentum in the quick stops in freeze
Balance is the keystone of all movement and of the ability to hold or control one’s position. Therefore, balance should be emphasized when helping a child or youth prepare to become “natural” or coordinated in his movements. We often assume that an individual will develop good balance. Many do not.
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Secrets to Success in Sport & Play-2nd Edition
A Practical Guide to Skill Development
Short Description

This new edition of Secrets to Success in Sport & Play: A Practical Guide to Skill Development makes it easy to apply the biomechanical principles that will help players acquire and refine the skills they need for success and enjoyment in sports. You learn how to help players improve balance and spins and apply other biomechanical principles that will improve their performance as they play games. The text comes with activities for developing biomechanical skills and forming problem-solving intuition that can be used in many sports.

© 2011
Book   168 pages
ISBN-13: 9780736090292

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