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Introduction to Teaching Physical Education eBook With Online Student Resource


Physical education makes significant contributions to overall education
Physical education also offers a unique setting in which to foster positive interactions among students. Through quality, structured activities and games, physical education can help students develop appropriate game play behaviors, such as treating equipment and players with respect, playing fairly with regard to rules and etiquette, and demonstrating good sporting behaviors.
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Effective strategies to group students in physical education classes
Although counting off by numbers does work, it is often not as effective as other methods. This strategy usually takes up too much time, some students may not honor their assigned number (change groups), a few students may jockey for a better position in line to make sure they end up with the same number as their friends, or students may forget their numbers, which is often the case with younger children. Following are other effective grouping options to consider.
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Criterion-referenced fitness evaluations determine if students are in good health
Fitnessgram® uses criterion-referenced fitness evaluations based on minimum standards for good health. If students’ fitness scores fall within healthy fitness zones for the 1-mile run or PACER tests, they are considered in good health. If scores fall within healthy fitness zones for the curl-up (sit-up), push-up, and flexibility tests, students have met standards for being active. These zones help students connect their level of fitness to standards of good health.
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Introduction to Teaching Physical Education eBook With Online Student Resource
Principles and Strategies

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