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Teaching Children Gymnastics-3rd Edition


Defining Developmentally Appropriate Gymnastics
Gymnastics may be globally defined as any physical exercise on the floor or apparatus that promotes endurance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and body control.
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How Gymnastics Should Be Taught
If you want children to become skilled gymnasts with positive attitudes toward managing their bodies well, you must adhere to the following practices.
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Learning Experiences
Earlier in this chapter we compared the skill themes of gymnastics to sets of actions. Each of the skill themes can be taught alone as a separate set, or they may be taught in combination so they overlap and interact with one another.
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Traveling Transformers
As a result of participating in this learning experience, children will improve their ability to travel in a variety of locomotor patterns changing pathways.
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As a result of participating in this learning experience, children will improve their ability to balance while using different dimensions of the body—small, big, wide, narrow.
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Let’s Make a Connection
As a result of participating in this learning experience, children will improve their ability to balance in a variety of upright and inverted positions, move smoothly into a roll, and end in a balance
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Teaching Children Gymnastics-3rd Edition
Short Description

Teaching Children Gymnastics, Third Edition, helps you teach children individual skills in three skill themes—traveling, statics, and rotation—and helps children develop sequences. It provides great material on scope and sequence for grades K to 5, guides you in creating a positive learning environment, shows you how to offer an inclusive program, and offers dozens of fun learning experiences for the kids.

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Book   264 pages
ISBN-13: 9781450410922

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