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Sports in American History 2nd Edition eBook


Physical Education of Youth
At the college level, American educators adopted European gymnastics systems to improve the fitness levels of both male and female students.
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Sport in the Cold War
Although the happy days of the 1950s offered the American Dream for some, the era was fraught with the international tension known as the Cold War. The Communist Soviet Union, although allied with the United States against the fascist powers in World War II, emerged from that struggle as an international power espousing a competing political, philosophical, and economic ideology.
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Discrimination at the End of the Twentieth Century
The Paralympic Games have accommodated disadvantaged athletes for more than a half century. An athletic competition for disabled veterans of World War II first occurred in conjunction with the 1948 Olympic Games; but the first formal Paralympics took place in 1960.
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Title IX and Sport Leadership
Since the enactment of Title IX legislation in 1972, girls and women have gained access to virtually all sports, from Little League baseball to collegiate wrestling. Indeed, the feats of female athletes have been among the most impressive achievements in the generation since the enactment of Title IX.
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Sports in American History 2nd Edition eBook
From Colonization to Globalization

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