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Organizational Behavior in Sport Management


Importance of organizational behavior in sport
Business is conducted by people, for people, and through people. Even today, when technology plays an increased and critical role in our lives, a sport organization cannot exist without the people who conceive it in the first place and those who work toward accomplishing its mission, vision, and objectives as set forth by its leaders.
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Increased diversity brings change to sport organizations
One of the most amazing things about working in sport is that it is universal - you can travel to any area of the world and interact with people who play, watch, and love to talk about sport.
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Future challenges in ethical operations of sport organizations
Sport organizations will undoubtedly continue to face ethical challenges in the realm of organizational behavior. We discuss a few of those challenges here - in intercollegiate sport, professional sport, and technology in sport - but this discussion certainly does not provides an exhaustive consideration of what lies ahead.
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Organizational Behavior in Sport Management
Short Description

Organizational Behavior in Sport Management provides numerous real-life examples from organizations and immerses students in the key behavioral issues that those in sport organizations face today. The text comes with an instructor guide that offers many useful tools to help instructors enhance students’ learning.

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Book   248 pages
ISBN-13: 9781492552383

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