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New Functional Training for Sports-2nd Edition


Three Questions to Define Functional Training
To better understand the concept of functional training, ask yourself a few simple questions. 1. How many sports are played sitting down? As far as I can tell, only a few sports, such as rowing, are performed from a seated position. If we accept this premise, we can see that training muscles from a seated position would not be functional for most sports.
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Foam Rolling Techniques and Tips
Rolling can provide great benefits both before and after a workout; however, rolling at the start of a workout is essential. Foam rolling before a workout decreases muscle density and sets the stage for a better warm-up. Rolling after a workout may aid in recovery from strenuous exercise.
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Rotational Throws
Rotational throws are the best technique for developing power in the core and hip muscles. These exercises are particularly good for hockey, golf, tennis, baseball, and any other sport that requires explosive rotary action.
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Overhead Pressing
As mentioned in the section on vertical and horizontal pulling, straight bars determine the bar path and the shoulder motion for the lifter. Like the individual handles on the newer functional trainers or the handles of a suspension trainer, dumbbells allow the shoulder to have more freedom.
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New Functional Training for Sports-2nd Edition
Short Description

New Functional Training for Sports offers athletes, personal trainers, and strength and conditioning coaches the exercises, stretches, and programs that improve speed, strength, and power during sport performance while reducing the incidence of injury. The book includes full-color photo sequences and video demonstrations to illustrate complex exercises.

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