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High-Powered Plyometrics-2nd Edition


Five factors that determine if plyometrics training is a good option
Before getting too far into planning the specifics of a plyometric program, Jim Radcliffe, the head strength and conditioning coach for the University of Oregon football team, says the prudent approach is to look honestly and carefully at issues that could affect safe participation in such intense training. He points to five factors that trainers must know about their athletes or that those planning their own programs should keep in mind and treat seriously.
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Power Assessments
Is serious plyometric training a good option? Before getting too far in planning the specifics of a program, the prudent approach is to look honestly and carefully at factors that could affect safe participation in such intense training.
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Upper-Body Power Development
Plyometric training is the coordinated use of the entire body in the expression of power. Those powerful movements employ the upper body as they traverse the center of the torso, involving the motions of tossing, passing, and throwing, and their subcategories of swinging, pushing, punching, and stroking.
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Lower-Body Power Development
Plyometric training was originally developed to achieve more efficient and powerful movement patterns over and off the ground. Athletes were looking to run faster, jump higher and farther, and change direction more effectively, or in other words, negotiate the ground better.
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Double Scissors Jump
This exercise is a variation of the scissors jump for more advanced athletes. It is excellent for working the flexion and extension muscles in the hips, legs, and torso.
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Stride Jump
A long, sturdy bench, rectangular box, or row of bleachers or stadium steps is required for the stride jump. This exercise is excellent for any sport or activity that requires good projection of the hips from a single-leg or alternating-leg movement.
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High-Powered Plyometrics-2nd Edition
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High-Powered Plyometrics presents exercises and programs used by today’s top athletes, coaches, and conditioning experts for development of explosive power, strength, and speed. Along with exclusive access to an online video library, it features 23 programs for 21 sports and the latest training methods, equipment, and assessments as well as 79 exercises for increasing power.

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