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Foundations of Wellness


Life’s boundless classroom
When you make your life experience a journey, rather than a destination, your life becomes a boundless classroom in which you continuously learn lessons. In this classroom, you can mindfully learn through trial and error. In this classroom, you make no mistakes; you only learn lessons.
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Reaching out can immensely enhance your reality
Can you identify a recent experience that was improved by sharing it with others? For most, the answer is yes. You have close bonds with friends, family, schoolmates, and work associates. They are almost an extension of who you are.
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Methods to attain sound sleep
Sleep duration and quality have both genetic and environmental components. Your genetic heritage accounts for about 31 percent to 55 percent of your sleep pattern. Altering the environment through good sleep hygiene, however, can moderate this genetic influence or change how your genes express themselves.
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Foundations of Wellness
Short Description

In Foundations of Wellness, you’ll explore physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, and spiritual realms of wellness; discover wellness strategies; and learn how to make healthy behavioral changes. Foundations of Wellness will help you achieve balance and peace of mind in your life.

© 2015
Book   256 pages
ISBN-13: 9781450402002

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