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EuropeActive's Foundations for Exercise Professionals


Learn which muscles govern movement in the body
The skeletal muscles can be divided into three groups (figure 2.5): 1. Muscles governing movement of the upper extremities. 2. Muscles governing moment of the trunk and spine (including breathing musculature). 3. Muscles governing movement of the lower extremities.
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Rep and load variations for specific goals in resistance training program
Resistance training methods refer to the strategy used for organising training sessions. Methods should be selected by the strength zone and goals of the workout.
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Goal setting, motivational types, and behavioral strategies to encourage fitness
As highlighted in the previous section, knowing the client is key to maximising motivation when it comes to exercise. This section aims to progress this forward by outlining key behavioural strategies that could be used to enhance motivation towards exercising.
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EuropeActive's Foundations for Exercise Professionals
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Endorsed by EuropeActive and framed in the Code of Ethical Practice, EuropeActive’s Foundations for Exercise Professionals contains the foundational knowledge for every level of the qualifications framework in Europe to help exercise professionals meet and maintain recognised professional standards.

© 2015
Book   352 pages
ISBN-13: 9781450423779

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