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EuropeActive's Essentials for Personal Trainers


Personal Training Business Expansion
An important prosperity scenario is expanding a personal training business by employing multiple personal trainers. This is possible by hiring them as employees or by connecting them to the business as self-employed contractors. Naturally the consequences differ greatly.
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Execution of Exercises
One of the most important interventions is related to how an exercise is performed. The personal trainer must be able to intervene to help the client demonstrate safe and effective exercise technique.
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Hormonal Responses to Acute Exercise
Up to this point, the discussion has focused primarily on the general structure and function of the endocrine system. Normal bodily function depends on the timely release and inhibition of a variety of hormones as they work together to bring about important actions at their target organs.
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The roots of periodisation come from Hans Selye’s model, known as the general adaptation syndrome, which has been used by the athletic community since the late 1950s (Selye 1950). Selye identified a source of biological stress referred to as eustress, which denotes beneficial muscular strength and growth, as well as a distress state, which is stress that can lead to tissue damage, disease and death.
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EuropeActive's Essentials for Personal Trainers
Short Description

Endorsed by EuropeActive, this text includes best practices and scientific fundamentals related to the on-the-job responsibilities and duties of qualified personal trainers. The content applies to level 4 of the European Qualifications Framework.

© 2016
Book   320 pages
ISBN-13: 9781450423786

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