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Caffeine for Sports Performance eBook


Cola drink study shows caffeine improved time-trial performance in cyclists
In the late 1990s, our excitable colleague, Dr. Dave Martin, returned from a professional cycling race with an improbable story.
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Dangers exist with the excessive consumption of energy drinks due to their caffeine content, and alcohol
Athletes normally are very disciplined people who carefully plan most aspects of what they do. But they also need downtime and like to party as much as (and sometimes more than) other people.
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Is caffeine a threat to hydration or rehydration?
We all know that caffeine is a diuretic. A cup of coffee makes us dash to the restroom and for every cup we drink, we need to add another glass of water to our daily eight.
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Caffeinated drinks date back to the 1400s
Around the world, coffee and tea have become the major sources of caffeine intake.
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Caffeine for Sports Performance eBook

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