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Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy


The Bodyweight Advantage
Many folks absolutely love the prospect of being able to train efficiently in the convenience of their own home.
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Glutes in Motion
The glutes are vital for functional movement. Walking, standing up from a chair, climbing stairs, picking up objects off the floor, and carrying objects across the room all require properly functioning posterior chain musculature.
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Training Goals
Some want to improve their general health, some want to build larger muscles, some want to shed fat, some seek to get stronger, some hope to improve their functional strength and athleticism, and some strive to eliminate joint dysfunction and prevent injury.
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Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy
Short Description

Going far beyond standard pull-ups, push-ups, and squats, Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy presents 156 unique exercises that work every muscle in the body. Detailed anatomical artwork accompanies step-by-step instructions for performing each exercise anytime, anywhere, without the need for equipment or machines.

© 2014
Book   224 pages
ISBN-13: 9781450429290

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eBook (PDF, ePUB) £16.66
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