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Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI)

Human Kinetics is proud to partner with Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI) to develop and deliver the highest-quality training available for lifeguards, emergency care personnel, swim instructors, and facility operators. If you have been charged with implementing or reevaluating any of these programs at your aquatic facility, we invite you to contact us to learn how our programs can take your training and risk management practices to a new level.

About SAI

In the late 1990s, Jill and Robbin White were managing several aquatic facilities and developing training systems. Through their experiences and the pioneering work they were doing integrating experiential learning theory with aquatics, they thought that an effective way to reduce drowning and save lives was to develop risk management and competency-based training programs complemented by exemplary service and cost-effective support. So in 1999 they founded SAI.

In 2005, SAI partnered with Human Kinetics to develop an online course to accompany the StarGuard curriculum. In 2006, that relationship expanded with the creation of the Human Kinetics Aquatics and Emergency Care division, directed by Jill White. Finally, in 2007, the SAI national headquarters was co located to Human Kinetics’ Champaign, Illinois, campus to facilitate efficient operations and customer service.

Even though SAI has grown and adapted, they still have only one service-aquatics-and only one mission-reducing drowning and saving lives.

Becoming an SAI Training Provider

SAI’s programs are delivered through a network of authorized providers who agree to high standards of training excellence. Training providers are a diverse group-from independent instructors or educational institutions that deliver community-based courses, to large aquatics facilities that conduct in-house training for their employees.

Get Started Today

We encourage you to compare SAI’s programs with any other. We’re confident that the high-quality content, convenient and flexible delivery system, outstanding resources, web-based tracking and reporting capability, and above-and-beyond service are your solution for educating your lifeguards, swim instructors, and pool operators. You’ll also like the ease of transition, affordable price, and ability to quickly recover costs and even generate revenue from offering these courses.

To speak with our Starfish program specialist, Sara Poe, please call 877-465-4545 or email

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