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American Kinesiology Association (AKA)

Our Origin

AKA was created through a joint plan initiated by the Human Kinetics Foundation and the American Academy of Kinesiology and Physical Education. The inaugural meeting was held in Orlando, Florida, on February 8-9, 2007. The fifteen academicians who were invited to the meeting agreed to become the official Board of Directors for AKA for a term expiring December 31, 2009. Three officers-President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer-were elected for the same term. Six committees were appointed-Governance, Advocacy, Education, Information Development, Membership, and Publications. AKA has incorporated, is filing for tax exempt status, has obtained an official web address, and is well-funded by the HK Foundation for the next three years.
A second meeting of the AKA Board of Directors was held June 10-12, 2007, to further develop plans for the association. On June 12th the AKA Board met with representatives of twelve scholarly societies, some of whom were members of the AKA Board, to discuss how these scholarly societies and AKA could cooperate to promote and enhance the discipline of kinesiology.

Our Purpose

We define kinesiology as the academic discipline which involves the study of physical activity and its impact on health, society, and quality of life. Our purpose is to promote and enhance kinesiology as a unified field of study and advance its many applications. We’ll elaborate on this statement below.

Our Mission

For those of us who have witnessed the birth of kinesiology in higher education, who have nurtured it through infancy, and marveled at its growth during childhood, we now recognize the need for enlightened parenting to guide kinesiology through its teen years and into adulthood. That is our mission through the American Kinesiology Association, to see kinesiology mature into adulthood as a leading discipline in academe.

  • We want to represent and advocate for kinesiology at academic, governmental, and professional events, both nationally and internationally. AKA will not be a voice heard unless it is a strong voice supported by most academic departments and sub-discipline societies. Standing united we have a better opportunity to promote kinesiology as a visible and equal discipline in higher education, to take a seat alongside mathematics, physiology, psychology, and history in national education affairs. We want to represent kinesiology when governmental agencies develop national policies that concern kinesiology and when research and program dollars are allocated. We want to draw on the knowledge of kinesiology to address public and professional policies. And we want to represent and promote kinesiology through participation in international associations and events.
  • We especially want to serve the needs of kinesiology departments, our members. We intend to be a source for national and regional data about the discipline of kinesiology that will be helpful to you in justifying and supporting programs. We will assist kinesiology departments that are under review for elimination or integration with other departments. Through the AKA website we will provide useful information for faculty and students as well as prospective students. And we will especially seek to provide leadership training and continuing education for kinesiology administrators in higher education. And as we go forth we’ll seek your guidance in how AKA can best help your department and the discipline.
  • We wish to assist all scholarly societies associated with kinesiology. If we can help strengthen the discipline, we help strengthen the sub-disciplines. We’ll promote individual membership in their organizations and we’ll seek research funding for these sub-disciplines.
  • We will seek to facilitate communication among academic departments, scholarly societies, and professional associations affiliated with kinesiology. We’ll do so through electronic newsletters and an expansive website.
  • We’ll encourage cross-disciplinary study in kinesiology as well as cross-disciplinary application of knowledge to problems in the physical activity field. We’ll conduct occasional cross-disciplinary, thematic conferences to bring together the sub-disciplines and the professions related to kinesiology to address research and practical issues.
  • We’ll promote kinesiology in academe and to the public. As an emerging discipline kinesiology is still foreign to many in academe and to most of the larger public. Thus, we’ll be a voice that not only corrects misperceptions about kinesiology but promotes the virtues and benefits of the discipline.
  • We of course recognize that we cannot achieve all these objectives immediately or alone, but we’re committed to beginning and invite you to join us.

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