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Coaches and players alike will find expert instruction in the materials created by Human Kinetics and the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA). The two organizations have jointly produced books and training materials covering topics such as offense, defense, coaching strategies, and special teams. The American Sport Education Program (ASEP), the coaching education division of Human Kinetics, develops and delivers courses on topics such as coaching principles, technical and tactical skills, and sport first aid, which are available to AFCA members through the AFCA Coaches Education Program. Since its establishment in 1922, the AFCA has provided a forum for the discussion and study of all matters pertaining to football and coaching and has maintained the highest possible standards in football and the coaching profession. These objectives have been instrumental in the AFCA’s becoming the highly respected organization it is today. The AFCA now has more than 10,000 members, including coaches from Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, and Russia.

The association promotes safety in the sport and sets forth strong ethical and moral codes that govern all aspects of football coaching. The AFCA is involved in numerous programs that ensure the integrity of the coaching profession and enhance the development of the game. One of the many goals of the association is to build a strong coalition—Team AFCA—of football coaches who will speak out with a unified voice on issues that affect the sport and profession.

Human Kinetics and the American Football Coaches Association will continue to collaborate in developing resources to prepare coaches for success season after season. The collaboration provides coaches at all levels with an exciting opportunity to advance their skills and knowledge.

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