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Healthy Eating Every Day (HEED)

A realistic approach to proper nutrition

Healthy Eating Every Day will teach participants how to choose the proper balance of the right foods for optimal health, set realistic goals and rewards, and cope with triggers for unhealthy eating. They will also learn to consider unhealthy eating while shopping for food, eat well when dining out, and make sense of nutrition information - all without having to eliminate entire food groups or sacrifice meals. The information is in line with and complements the USDA Nutrition Guidelines.

The Healthy Eating Every Day Participant Package provides the tools necessary to maximize your participants’ learning experience. Each package contains the Healthy Eating Every Day textbook and access to online tools that reinforce information found in the weekly sessions. You’ll find forms, quizzes, Web links, enhancement activities, and practical tools to help them track their progress.

Healthy Eating Every Day is one of our Active Living Partners programs.

About Active Living Partners

The barriers to adopting a healthy lifestyle are as varied and complex as the people trying to overcome them. Active Living Partners (ALP) is dedicated to helping people break through those barriers to improve their health and quality of life. Our Active Living Every Day and Healthy Eating Every Day programs provide solutions to the problems of getting sedentary adults to become more physically active and make nutritional changes that will have a positive impact on their lives.

Organizations such as fitness centers, worksites, senior residences, community health programs, hospitals, and universities are using our programs to empower people to change their health habits. The success the programs have had in these varied settings can be traced to the following:

  • Proven effectiveness. Both programs were developed in partnership with The Cooper Institute, which has achieved worldwide recognition for its outstanding scientific research, and have been proven effective in clinical trials.
  • Structure and support. Our program structure builds a strong foundation of behavioral change and a community of support, providing momentum to extend and entrench each individual’s wellness habits.
  • Inclusive approach. Participants build on small successes - a method that appeals to even the most sedentary individuals.
  • Personalized strategies. The courses allow participants to tailor the program based on their readiness to change, lifestyle, and preferences so each person gets the information needed to reach health and fitness goals and make lasting changes.

For more information on implementing Active Living Partners programs, visit the Active Living Partners page.


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