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News and Excerpts

News and Excerpts

Whose health is it, anyway?

by Cheri Scott


"Every human being is the author of his own health or disease."

Probably the furthest thing from college students’ minds is their health. With all their newfound freedom and all the new experiences that life away from home and parents affords, most students aren’t likely to think about the long-term health effects of their choices about eating, drinking (including alcohol), and exercising. Why should they have a check-up? They’re perfectly healthy. Who cares about insurance or choosing a doctor? Their parents have that covered for them.

Health and Wellness for Life and Health on Demand are designed with these students in mind. The conversational writing style and student-friendly features of the text readily engage even the most reluctant learners. The activities included in the book and on its companion Web site give students opportunities to apply the material in the text to real-life situations.

The core textbook, Health and Wellness for Life, includes 16 chapters that cover  the topics most often found in a general education health course. Or, if you prefer, you can customize your text by adding content from one or more of the seven additional chapters that currently are available.
Want to include information in the book that is unique to your campus? Perhaps you’d like to write a chapter on a health topic you’re knowledgeable about? How about a cover featuring students from your school or a photo of a prominent spot on your campus? Human Kinetics will work with you to develop this material and include it in your customized text.

Whether you choose the core text or create your own customized one, you will have access to a complete array of instructor materials, including an online instructor guide; a test bank of over 500 multiple-choice, true-or-false, and short-answer questions; and a presentation package of over 500 PowerPoint slides.

Students also have access to a free online student resource packed with information and short articles that help them expand their knowledge of the chapter materials. A vocabulary list and links to reliable Web sites will expand their knowledge. The new online study guide included with the book contains a key terms activity, two or three multiple-choice activities, and a short quiz, each of which reinforces the textbook content.

With Health and Wellness for Life and Health on Demand, Human Kinetics has provided you, the instructor, with the opportunity to help your students create their own paths to lifelong health and well-being.

Cheri Scott is a health and physical education acquisitions editor at Human Kinetics. She has an MS degree in Physical Education with an emphasis in Sport Administration. She enjoys participating in a variety of outdoor sports and activities and is an avid motorcyclist.

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