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News and Excerpts

News and Excerpts

Video highlights illustrated guide to equipment-free workouts on the iPad

Enhanced edition of Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy features 61 interactive muscle identifiers and five animated videos

Increase strength, build mass, burn fat, and define your muscles. With full-color anatomical illustrations, interactive muscle identifiers, animated videos, step-by-step instructions, and training advice, Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy: Enhanced Edition is the authoritative resource for sculpting your physique without free weights, machines, or expensive equipment.

Compatible with your iPad, Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy: Enhanced Edition targets all muscle zones and primary muscle regions—arms, chest, shoulders, back, core, thighs, glutes, and calves—presenting nearly 150 of the most effective bodyweight exercises that can be performed anytime, anywhere. With expert advice from renowned strength trainer Bret Contreras and an additional 10 exercises that work the entire body, you’ll learn how to modify, combine, and sequence exercises to ramp up your routine and avoid plateaus.

Each exercise includes step-by-step instructions and illustrations to show body position and highlight the key muscles being developed. Most exercises also have an interactive muscle identifier. This feature lets you highlight primary or secondary muscles collectively or individually. Simply tap on the button, expand it, and see the muscles at work.

Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy: Enhanced Edition also includes five animated videos. For the feet-elevated pike push-up, side-to-side push-up, modified inverted row, bicycle, and donkey kick exercises, videos show the exercise in motion and highlight the key muscles.

In depth yet practical, Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy: Enhanced Edition takes you inside every exercise through stunning anatomical artwork that reveals primary muscles worked along with the relevant surrounding structures, including bones, ligaments, and tendons.

Whether you are just beginning your quest for a better body or simply seeking a proven approach for training at home, on the road, or on the go, Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy: Enhanced Edition is a one-of-a-kind resource that you’ll refer to again and again.

The content in Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy: Enhanced Edition is optimized for landscape view. This provides the best look at each exercise in full, including the execution, illustrations, videos, and key muscles.

This iPad-compatible, enhanced e-book with video is now available for purchase through the Apple iBookstore.

“Bret Contreras is hands down one of the top fitness professionals. If you want to learn the science and art of bodyweight training, there is no better resource than Bret’s book, Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy.

Brad Schoenfeld, MSc, CSCS, CSPS

Author of The M.A.X. Muscle Plan

“Bret Contreras is extremely knowledgeable about biomechanics, and Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy is a tremendous resource for anyone wanting a better understanding of performing bodyweight exercises.”

Joe Dowdell, CSCS

Founder and Owner of Peak Performance, New York City




Chapter 1 The Bodyweight Challenge

Chapter 2 Arms

Chapter 3 Neck and Shoulders

Chapter 4 Chest

Chapter 5 Core

Chapter 6 Back

Chapter 7 Thighs

Chapter 8 Glutes

Chapter 9 Calves

Chapter 10 Whole Body

Chapter 11 Planning Your Program

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 Let your body be the gym with this illustrated guide to equipment-free workouts
Going far beyond standard pull-ups, push-ups, and squats, Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy presents 156 unique exercises that work every muscle in the body.

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Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy
Presents 156 unique exercises that can be performed anytime, anywhere, without the need for equipment or machines.
Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy eBook
Presents 156 unique exercises that can be performed anytime, anywhere, without the need for equipment or machines.

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