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News and Excerpts

Urine Color Chart

The urine color chart shown here will assess your hydration status (level of dehydration) in extreme environments. To use this chart, match the color of your urine sample to a color on the chart. If the urine sample matches #1, #2, or #3 on the chart, you are well hydrated. If your urine color is #7 or darker, you are dehydrated. To avoid dehydration, consume fluids before, during, and after work or exercise.


The scientific validation of this color chart may be found in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition, Volume 4, 1994, pages 265-279 and Volume 8, 1998, pages 345-355.


Disclaimer: The chart at right uses the RGB color model rather than CMYK process colors. In addition, the exact colors you see depend on the settings and calibration of your monitor. Thus, while the chart attempts to recreate the urine color strips as faithfully as possible, Human Kinetics cannot guarantee its accuracy. For best results, use the printed chart on the back cover of Armstrong’s Performing in Extreme Environments.


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