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Sample Dumbbell Exercises: Lower Body

This is an excerpt from Dumbbell Training by Allen Hedrick.

Lower Body


People sometimes have a tendency to emphasize the upper body in strength training programs because they often equate being strong and powerful with having big arms or a big chest. In reality, however, most sports are lower-body dominant. That is, a strong and powerful lower body has much more to do with success in most sports than do big biceps. This chapter discusses a variety of strength and power training exercises for the lower body. The primary muscles in the lower body are the gluteals, hamstrings, adductors, and quadriceps.


Arc Lunge | Instructions

  1. Grasp a dumbbell in each hand with the arms straight at the sides.
  2. Assume a shoulder-width stance.
  3. Imagine an arc on the floor in front of you. Each point of the arc is a stride length away from you.
  4. Divide the arc into sections based on the number of repetitions you will perform.
  5. The first repetition will be to the right end of the arc, and the last repetition will be to the left end of the arch. Each step is a progression across the arc, starting at the right end and ending at the left.
  6. Keeping the left leg straight, take a long lateral step to the right end of the arc.
  7. Once you plant your right foot, shift the hips back to achieve a full comfortable depth and range of motion.
  8. Keep the back arched and the head up.
  9. Return to a shoulder-width stance with one aggressive step.
  10. Alternate stepping with the right and left leg each repetition.
  11. The next step will start a gradual progression toward the other end of the arc. With each step you move closer to the center and then across to the opposite end of the arc.
  12. Continue until you have completed the required number of repetitions and have progressed from one end of the arc to the other.

Common Errors

  • Allowing the back to round rather than maintaining an arch in the back.
  • Failing to return to a shoulder-width stance before initiating the next step.
  • Failing to progress from one end of the arc to the other with each step.
  • Taking a step directly forward to the center of the arch instead taking every step at an angle.
  • Failing to move through a full range of motion with every lunge.

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Dumbbell Training

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