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News and Excerpts

Primal Pictures updates software to new interface

By Human Kinetics

For a number of years, Primal Pictures has provided its customers a unique and amazingly-detailed look into the human anatomy. Their software has proved an unmatched view of the body in motion, and their programs have become essential tools for students and teachers in anatomy and movement.

Now, Primal Pictures has brought together international experts to update their software to an even superior resource with painstaking attention to detail and dynamic imagery. These reorganized programs are exceptional teaching resources for students and professionals who require a sound knowledge of functional anatomy in their field, including kinesiologists, exercise scientists, athletic trainers, physical therapists, biomechanists, medical specialists, and personal trainers. These new releases feature an improved interface that is more user-friendly and allows viewing of the animations and images on a larger scale. All the programs are now on DVD-ROMs compatible on both PCs and Macs, and are fully interactive allowing you to:

  • Demonstrate hard-to-visualize motions of anatomical structures
  • Export the images into PowerPoint or Microsoft Word with ease
  • View live-action video clips of surface anatomy and muscle action
  • Zoom in on animations

As well as improved functionality, the new releases retain the core features that have made Primal Pictures software so successful. Each program features computer graphic models of human anatomy derived from MRI scan data that can be reviewed from several distinct views. The models can be rotated a full 360 degrees and allow for layers of anatomy to be visually removed-from arteries down to major ligaments. Pop-up labeling appears as you view the 3-D models, and specific objects can be highlighted to show accompanying text or links to slides, videos, or animations about the selected structure. Check out any of the new releases:

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