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Know the Course Drills

This is an excerpt from Golf: Steps to Success, Second Edition by Paul Schempp and Peter Mattsson.

The golf hole in figure 10.9 is a relatively short 340-yard par-4 hole, but it has several hazards. Plan your strategy for this hole. Place a T where you would like your tee shot to stop, and in parentheses identify the club you would use to hit that shot. Next, place an A where you would like your approach shot to land on the green, and in parentheses identify the club you would use to hit that shot.

For this par-4 hole, place a T where you would like your tee shot to land and an A where you would like your approach shot to land on the green.


Score Your Success

Using your distance chart in table 10.2, give yourself 2 points for each shot that avoided going over the hazards and 2 points for each shot that used the club that would get your ball to that spot.

  • Your score ___ (out of 8 possible points)

Know the Course Drill 2 Step Off

Take a tape measure, and extend it for 5 yards (4.5 meters) on a flat surface. Straddle the tape measure, and take steps so that your strides are as close to 1 yard (.9 meter) in length as possible (measured from the middle of your feet). In five steps, you should be at 5 yards. This often takes practice, so repeat it 10 times.

Next, pick a hole on a practice green, and step off distances from that hole to 5, 10, and 20 yards (4.5, 9.1, and 18.2 meters). Use golf balls to mark the distances as you step them off, then use the tape measure to check your accuracy. Repeat the drill three times from three different holes for a total of 9 yardage stepoffs.

Score Your Success

Give yourself 1 point for each measure that is within 24 inches (.61 meters) of the stepped-off distance and 2 points for each measure within 18 inches (.46 meters). For example, if you have stepped off a distance of 10 yards (30 feet) and it measures 31 feet, you score 2 points.

  • Your score ___ (out of 38 possible points)

Know the Course Drill 3 Phantom Threesome

On the practice range, imagine a par-4 hole with a fairway hazard such as water on the left or a bunker on the right and a green-side hazard such as a bunker or deep rough. Use objects such as flags or mounds on the driving range to shape your hole. Play the hole as an imaginary threesome, portraying three different players using three different strategies. Imagine you are a long hitter, then a shot maker (someone who can shape the flight path of their golf ball), and then a short-hitting, conservative player. Tee off as the long hitter first, then the shot maker, and then the conservative player. Play each ball onto the imaginary green from the practice tee as if you were actually playing the course as a threesome. After completing the first hole, imagine a par-5 hole with hazards and play that hole. Repeat until you complete nine holes. For each shot, give yourself 3 points for determining the distance the shot will travel, 1 point for considering the hazards on the imaginary hole, and 1 point for taking into account the wind and other weather conditions, for a maximum of 5 points per shot and 15 points per hole.

To Decrease Difficulty

  • Play the round as a single player.
  • Design imaginary golf holes with wide fairways and no hazards.
  • Play all holes as if they were par-3 holes.

To Increase Difficulty

  • Include two fairway hazards on each hole.
  • Imagine the holes as you would find them on your favorite golf course.

Success Check

  • For each shot, consider shot distance, hole features, and weather conditions.

Score Your Success

  • _____ Score on Hole 1
  • _____ Score on Hole 2
  • _____ Score on Hole 3
  • _____ Score on Hole 4
  • _____ Score on Hole 5
  • _____ Score on Hole 6
  • _____ Score on Hole 7
  • _____ Score on Hole 8
  • _____ Score on Hole 9
  • _____ Your score (out of 135 possible points)

Know the Course Drill 4 Identify the Trouble

List the trouble areas of the hole shown in figure 10.10. Rank the trouble spots from 1 to 5, with 1 being the area most likely to result in a higher score. Give yourself 1 point for each correct ranking. (Answers appear at the end of the chapter.)

Score Your Success

Give yourself 1 point for each correct answer.

  • Your score ___ (out of 5 possible points)


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Golf-2nd Edition

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Golf-2nd Edition

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