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News and Excerpts

Help students of all abilities succeed in physical education

Human Kinetics publishes a wide range of resources for adapted physical education specialists as well as general physical education teachers who need to address the needs of students with various disabilities in their physical education classes. Whether you’re looking for ready-to-use activities, help with curriculum development, or a guide to effective teaching methods, you’ll find authoritative, up to date information in our extension collection of adapted physical activity resources.

Below is a sample game from one of our adapted physical activity books, All Active. For more books and excerpts, visit the Adapted Physical Activity section of the Human Kinetics Web site.

Gift Bag Scramble

Excerpt from All Active by Kiwi Bielenberg.


Students search for gift bags that hold the "special" beanbag with a sticker prize.


  • Assortment of gift bags (10 to 20)
  • Beanbags (one for each gift bag)
  • Scooters
  • Starting cones
  • Bouncy ball (Hoppity Hop)
  • Fun stickers


Open up each gift bag and place one regular beanbag inside. In addition,designate "special" gift bags. If you have six students, for example, there should be six bags that contain some type of different special beanbag (e.g.,a frog-shaped beanbag). Put a sticker or small prize in each of those special gift bags. Tape the bags shut on top, so no peeking is allowed. Set all the gift bags together near the end line of the gym. Place two cones on the half-court line, 15 feet (4.5 meters) apart from each other. Next to each cone, lay out one scooter and one bouncy ball.



  1. Divide students evenly into two groups. Each group stands behind one of the cones at the half-court line.
  2. The first student in each line chooses either a scooter or a Hoppity Hop ball. Using that equipment, they scooter or bounce down to the end line, where they will find all the gift bags spread out on the floor.
  3. Students choose one gift bag, pick it up, and scooter or bounce back to the starting line, tagging the next person in line. Then they check inside their bag to see if they found a special sticker.
  4. The next student chooses the scooter or bouncy ball, moves to the gift bags, and so on.
  5. The activity ends when all gift bags have been collected. Make sure
    each student ends up with one special bag with a prize. If a student finds more than one special bag, ask him or her to give the extra bag to a student who did not find a special bag.



  • Instead of having students scooter or bounce, you can use this as a locomotor activity. Each turn, students choose a different way to move down to the gift bags and back (e.g., moving backward, skipping, or sliding).
  • Students in wheelchairs may wheel themselves and hook the handle of a gift bag using a hockey stick. They could also lie on a long scooter
  • and be pulled by a partner. Instead of putting beanbags inside the gift bags, you can use note cards with letters of the alphabet or numbers written on them. While the next person in line is moving, the remaining students work on lining up letters or numbers in the correct order on the floor.

Sample game from All Active: 35 Inclusive Physical Activities

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