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News and Excerpts

Frederic Delavier Books

Develop the body you desire with help from Frédéric Delavier

Frédéric Delavier is a gifted artist with an exceptional knowledge of human anatomy. He studied morphology and anatomy for five years at the prestigious École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and studied dissection for three years at the Paris Faculté de Médecine. With Michael Gundill, author of 13 books on strength training, sport nutrition, and health, the two have helped countless people develop the body they desire.

With a combined total of more than 2 million copies sold worldwide, Delavier’s books provide detailed full-color anatomical illustrations, high-quality photographs, and step-by-step instructions for hundreds of exercises.

Strength Training Anatomy
Women’s Strength Training Anatomy
The Strength Training Anatomy Workout I
The Strength Training Anatomy Workout II
Delavier’s Anatomy for Bigger, Stronger Arms
Delavier’s Sculpting Anatomy for Women
Delavier’s Mixed Martial Arts Anatomy
Delavier’s Core Training Anatomy
Delavier’s Stretching Anatomy
Delavier’s Women’s Strength Training Anatomy Workouts

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Featured Products

Delavier's Anatomy for Bigger, Stronger Arms
Brings best-selling author Frédéric Delavier’s singular style to a resource designed to help serious weightlifters increase mass, definition, and strength in their biceps, triceps, and forearms. Filled with over 330 full-color photos and 130 distinctive illustrations that highlight more than 100 exercises.
Delavier's Core Training Anatomy
Delavier's Mixed Martial Arts Anatomy
Best-selling author Frédéric Delavier takes on mixed martial arts, providing more than 120 exercises, 20 training programs, and advice on injury prevention for veteran and beginning fighters. Packed with full-color photos and Delavier’s stunning anatomical illustrations, promising maximum results in minimal time.
Delavier's Sculpting Anatomy for Women
Best-selling author Frédéric Delavier brings his singular style to active women serious about slimming, toning, and shaping their bodies. Helps women eliminate love handles and reduce cellulite through more than 75 exercises, 120 full-color photos, and 125 distinctive illustrations.
Delavier's Stretching Anatomy
Offers access to best-selling author Frédéric Delavier’s exercise expertise and trademark illustrations. With full-color photos and illustrations, this guide depicts over 130 exercises to increase flexibility, tone muscles, and reduce injury.
Delavier's Women's Strength Training Anatomy Workouts
Frédéric Delavier’s acclaimed books have been popular choices for strength training enthusiasts across North America for more than a decade.
Strength Training Anatomy-3rd Edition
With over 600 anatomical illustrations of muscles from each major muscle group, Strength Training Anatomy will help you achieve your strength training desires.
The Strength Training Anatomy Workout
The Strength Training Anatomy Workout offers 200-plus exercises and 50 programs for strength, power, sport performance, shaping, and toning.
The Strength Training Anatomy Workout II
Helping accelerate progress, The Strength Training Anatomy Workout II features 60 exercises, 19 stretches, and 9 programs with 500 full-color photos and 485 illustrations.
Women's Strength Training Anatomy
Information on strengthening and toning the legs, buttocks, abs, and back.

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