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News and Excerpts

News and Excerpts

HK hosts "virtual conference" after AAHPERD cancellation

As many of you know, this year’s National AAHPERD Convention had to be cancelled due to events in Boston. Like you, the HK staff is disappointed to miss the fun, camaraderie, educational opportunities, and shopping that usually goes on at this event. In place of our large booth in the exhibit hall, we decided to host a "virtual" conference to hopefully help make up for some of the educational opportunities you might have missed out on, hopefully some of the fun, and definitely the great discounts at our booth. Read on for more information!

One benefit of our website is that you get a chance to look at excerpts and the Google Preview to "flip through" the books. Most of our newer titles with multimedia content have video clips online too. With that in mind, we wanted to call your attention to a few of the new books that would have been featured at our booth:

New titles

Urban Physical Education

Urban Physical Education presents 40 ready-to-use cultural games, modified sports, and contemporary sport and performance activities. The text provides a broad background on issues facing PE teachers working in urban settings and outlines culturally responsive instructional strategies to help PE teachers become effective teachers and leaders of a diverse student body.

Learning Through Movement and Music: Exercise Your Smarts teaches students health and fitness concepts through song lyrics and other means as they move to music provided on a DVD. The DVD includes video clips for each of the 14 activities, song lyrics for the 14 songs, and activity assessments and other reproducibles. Activities include warming up, muscle workouts, cardio and interval training, and fitness testing.

Preview a clip from the DVD! Can’t use this link? It’s also available on youtube.

Teaching Children Dance, Third Edition, presents 31 ready-to-use lessons that bring fun and challenging dance experiences to elementary-aged children of all ability levels. The updated third edition includes 13 new learning experiences and two new chapters on teaching children with disabilities and making interdisciplinary connections.

Read more about Teaching Children Dance, Third Edition.

We have tons more books you can browse on our Physical Education and Health Education section of our website, and most have Google previews, as well as excerpts available online.

Discounts and the new HK Rewards program

We are working on creating a new special offer, on top of our HK Rewards program, and hope to announce the details very soon. Meanwhile, our rewards program offers lucrative discounts and special offers, and all you have to do is sign up for at least one of our e-newsletters! To learn more, watch this video:

Can’t see the above video player? It’s on youtube.

Talk to HK Staff

For those of you who wanted to stop by our booth to speak to our sales representatives, rest assured they are still ready, willing, and able to discuss your resource needs, whether its multiple copies of our resources, a text adoption at the college or high school level, or any of our major programs, including Fitnessgram, Fitness for Life, or Physical Best.

And if you had an idea for a book or other resource, our acquisition editors are also anxious to talk with you. If you have an idea for a physical education resource contact Scott Wikgren, if you have an idea for a health education resources contact Cheri Scott, and if you are interested in a dance, recreation, or aquatics resources contact Gayle Kassing.

Educational Opportunities

Let’s not forget the sessions! AAHPERD is always great for getting the latest information and new ideas. Keep watching this space for more developments, but we have a few multimedia learning opportunies available for you already:


Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Social Networking: Battling Bullying in the Classroom, in the Gym, and on the Playing Field

A webinar by Dr. Dorothy Espelage of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

View the recorded webinar now!

Getting funding to purchase Fitnessgram
This two part webinar series will look at how you, your school, and school district can locate funding from a variety of sources to fund a Fitnessgram purchase and support quality physical education. Presented by Don Disney, a local, state, and nationally recognized leader and administrator in the field of health education, physical education, fitness, and wellness.
View session 1 and session 2.

Go Coach Baseball App

Get your players from the dugout into practice activities and game situations quickly with Go Coach Baseball. Developed by the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) and endorsed by Babe Ruth League, Inc., Go Coach Baseball offers 32 video clips and 11 animations demonstrating 34 skills and 26 drills to organize and run your practices.

Watch the video. It’s also available on youtube.

More about the app.

Integrating Nutrition Education into PE
On March 7th, Chuck Corbin, co-author of Fitness for Life Elementary School program, conducted a webinar on the topic of integrating nutrition education into physical education. Presented by AAHPERD and Let’s Move in School, this hour long webinar covers energy balance, priority lifestyles, trends, and ideas to help you gear up for the “Let’s Move in School” initiative. You’ll also see and hear information from a teacher’s perspective and well as the barriers seen by a dietician and ways to overcome those barriers. Information on Fuel Up to Play 60 is also available.

View the webinar. (Select Integrating Nutrition Education into PE)

Learn how to responding to behaviors with P.R.I.D.E.

Many urban teachers serious resistance with individuals who obstruct their teaching effectiveness. To avoid responding inappropriately, they must maintain a sense of professional pride as they react. Teachers can incorporate the acronym PRIDE into their repertoire: Place, Refrain, Ignore, Dismiss, and Encourage.

Read an excerpt from Urban Physical Education.

Language Strategies for Teachers

You can infuse American Sign Language (ASL) or Spanish into your daily lessons with tips from this new book! Learn to acknowledge, appreciate, and respect diversity among students by including their language in your class.

Read an excerpt from Promoting Language Through Physical Education.

Learn how Phil Lawler advocated effectively for the "New PE" using emerging research on the positive impact of physical activity on the brain

Engaging and inspiring, Game Changer charts Lawler’s tireless mission to refocus physical education to a wellness-based model that encourages fitness for a lifetime. The book captures the passion of this legend in the field of physical education who believed that every child—regardless of athletic ability—should be given a chance to find an activity he or she can embrace and enjoy for a lifetime.

Read the sample chapter.


Again--keep watching this space as we develop further educational opportunities for you. We appreciate the chance to serve you, and look forward to meeting with you at the next year’s National AAHPERD convention in Charlotte, as well as various state conventions throughout the year.

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