A Look at the Week of October 26 The Sports Professor’s Weekly Preview
While the NBA Global Games are certainly a time to share the great sport of basketball around the world with those who otherwise have limited exposure to the NBA, it also serves a vital purpose of helping the league and teams deepen their business connections. NBA Global Games
Tennis player Eugenie Bouchard filed a lawsuit yesterday against the USTA. Locker Lawsuit
Horrow’s Top Sports News / Dealmaking / Business / Marketing / Endorsement / Issues
15 to Watch - April 25, 2016
Horrow’s Top Sports News / Dealmaking / Business / Marketing / Endorsement Issues
15 to Watch - April 18, 2016
The Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James (No. 1), Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry (No. 2), and tennis’ World No. 1 Novak Djokovic (No. 3) top the Horrow Sports Ventures/MVPindex 2015-16 POWER 100 ranking of the world’s most powerful pro athletes within the United States.
LeBron James Again Tops Horrow Sports/MVPindex 2015-16 Power 100 Athlete Ranking
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David Stern became the fourth commissioner of the ...
Meet NBA Commissioner David Stern

Roger Goodell, elected NFL commissioner in 2006, ...
Meet NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

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Some people argue that professional sports in the United States are unique in that they clearly constitute monopolies and that no other U.S. business operates under the same favorable set of rules. Let’s examine this argument, beginning with a historical review.
Sport as Monopoly

Did you ever wonder why local television newscasts describe their content as news, weather, and sports? Why not news, weather, and technology? Why do they not highlight education? Or literature? Have you ever wondered why so many families spend discretionary resources and time at youth sport events?
Understand the social significance of sport

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