Plans for new stadiums and looking forward. D.C. Sports Updates
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David Stern became the fourth commissioner of the ...
Meet NBA Commissioner David Stern
Roger Goodell, elected NFL commissioner in 2006, ...
Meet NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
Your weekly sports business economic report from Rick Horrow.
Bust, Boom, Hope - December 15, 2014

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Poll a dozen people about their perspectives on the value of college sport to higher education and a dozen different answers are likely to be expressed. There will be those who extol the virtues of participation in college sport, the bonding, the camaraderie, the tests of courage and will.
A Brief Historical Perspective on Intercollegiate Athletics

This special issue highlights the need for ethical leadership, explores enhancing ethical leadership and ethical decision making, and examines ways to reduce unethical behavior in intercollegiate athletics.
Ethical Leadership in Intercollegiate Sport

An exploration of public policy decisions regarding investment in sport by laying a foundation that focuses on the economic impacts of stadiums, teams, and events.
Economic impact of sport stadiums, teams, events

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