The Sports Professor’s Weekly Sports and Entertainment Dollar: August 26, 2014 The NFL: The Ultimate Fantasy League
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David Stern became the fourth commissioner of the ...
Meet NBA Commissioner David Stern
Roger Goodell, elected NFL commissioner in 2006, ...
Meet NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
Your weekly sports business economic report from Rick Horrow
Boom, Bust, and Hope: August 26

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As teams in professional sport move to the future, they face a variety of challenges (and opportunities), many of which are discussed in this chapter. Although the challenges are too many to enumerate in this section, we have isolated four major challenges that professional teams face in the future: maintaining reasonable labor - management relations, developing new revenue streams, managing new technology, and dealing with globalization.
Professional teams face four major challenges in the future

Pitts and Stotlar (2007) observed that the world of sport is growing rapidly. This growth is reflected not only in the introduction of many new sports but also in the increasing number of opportunities to participate in sports and activities, an upsurge in the number and variety of sport-related publications and social media platforms, enhanced mass media exposure and source publicity of sporting activities, growth in the number and types of sport facilities and events, increased interest in
Discover how rapid growth is changing the sport industry

The primary functions of coaches have been extensively researched in recent years.
All coaches should strive to fulfill these six primary functions

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