A Look at the Week of October 26 The Sports Professor’s Weekly Preview
While the NBA Global Games are certainly a time to share the great sport of basketball around the world with those who otherwise have limited exposure to the NBA, it also serves a vital purpose of helping the league and teams deepen their business connections. NBA Global Games
Tennis player Eugenie Bouchard filed a lawsuit yesterday against the USTA. Locker Lawsuit
Horrow’s Top Sports News / Dealmaking / Business / Marketing / Endorsement / Issues
15 to Watch - February 8, 2016
business/marketing/legal/endorsement/deal-making issues surrounding the NHL Nashville All-Star weekend
Special NHL All-Star Game Five to Watch
Inside the Mega-Event: NHL All-Star Nashville business issues sent separately
The business, economics, and culture of Super Bowl 50
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David Stern became the fourth commissioner of the ...
Meet NBA Commissioner David Stern

Roger Goodell, elected NFL commissioner in 2006, ...
Meet NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

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Winning can change coach, player and team mindset from the positive drive that brought success into a negative weakness that fails to sustain further achievement.
Winning Mindsets and Sustaining Excellence

The primary federal laws that govern antitrust issues are the Sherman Act, Clayton Act, Federal Trade Commission Act, and Robinson-Patman Act. The cases in this section address these laws.
Antitrust Law: Flood v. Kuhn

Growth in the world of sport is reflected not only in the introduction of many new sports but also in the increasing number of opportunities to participate in sports and activities, an upsurge in the number and variety of sport-related publications and social media platforms, enhanced mass media exposure and source publicity of sporting activities, and growth in the number and types of sport facilities and events.
Discover how rapid growth is changing the sport industry

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