Three Leagues, Three Changes 

By Rick Horrow and Karla Swatek

December 16, 2013


Sports leagues always are looking for ways to make the game better for fans and safe for players. In the last week, three of the major sports leagues have announced plans to adopt or explore changes in their constant quest for improvement.


We’ll start with the NFL, which is considering implementing a "centralized replay" system next season to shorten game times and minimize the number of officiating mistakes. Under the proposed system, decisions would be made out of New York, with the league’s VP of Officiating overseeing the process.


Next, incoming NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said the league’s Competition Committee would examine the idea of eliminating divisions. While the initial goal of divisions was to enhance geographic rivalries, Silver expressed doubt that’s still happening.


Finally, Major League Baseball in its quest to make the game safer has banned collisions at home plate. Because the new rule involves changing the collective bargaining agreement, the players association still must approve the change. The decision comes as all leagues are learning more about the ill effects of concussions.

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