Tale of Two Ownerships: Dodgers vs. Marlins

By Rick Horrow and Karla Swatek

December 3, 2012

There might not be two more different ownership groups in Major League Baseball than those of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Miami Marlins.

A survey conducted by the Miami Herald of 400 South Florida baseball fans found that 87% feel “furious and betrayed” by the Marlins’ recent trades, while only 6% have a favorable opinion for team owner Jeffrey Loria. Additionally, 61% of season-ticket holders would boycott next season if it meant Loria selling the team.

Meanwhile, in L.A., the Dodgers and Fox Sports reportedly are closing in on a 25-year TV rights deal worth $6-7 billion. At an average annual payment of $240-280 million, the deal would be worth almost 20 times the value of the Dodgers’ current local TV contract.

Since buying the Dodgers earlier this year, Magic Johnson and Co. have spent freely to bring the team back to prominence. That’s translated to renewed fan support and a massive new TV deal. Loria, on the other hand, has destroyed his credibility and his fan base in South Florida. Maybe he should call the Dodgers for some advice.

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