Super Bowl & New Orleans

By Rick Horrow and Karla Swatek

January 25, 2013

Prior to 2005, New Orleans had hosted the Super Bowl a record nine times. This is the first time the city is hosting the game since Hurricane Katrina devastated the city seven years ago. Having last hosted the game in 2002, the 11-year gap is by far New Orleans’ biggest in the Super Bowl era.

It wasn’t cheap or easy to get New Orleans back in the Super Bowl rotation, though you can bet the city and the NFL are happy it is. Superdome renovations post-Katrina have totaled $336 million. Upgrades to the building include wider concourses, new concession stands & restrooms, and a restoration of the outer skin. Without these renovations, not only would New Orleans not have the Super Bowl, they might also not have the Saints, as relocating to San Antonio was a real possibility after Hurricane Katrina. Given how far the city has come in since 2005, it’s hard to imagine any citizen being upset with the public investment.

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