NHL Salary Cap Rises

By Rick Horrow and Karla Swatek

December 16, 2013


The NHL salary cap is expected to be $71 million next season, a 12% increase over this season’s $64 million cap. Additionally, the salary floor likely will rise from $44 million this year to $53 million next year. The substantial increases are the result of increased TV revenue, particularly a massive $4.9 billion deal with Rogers Communications for Canadian TV right.


The TV deal passed 29-0 at the league’s Board of Governors meeting, with the Toronto Maple Leafs the only NHL team to abstain from voting. Both Bell, which lost out on NHL TV rights, and Rogers own 37.5% of the Leafs. While the vote’s passage never was in jeopardy, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman reportedly had to talk Maple Leafs Chairman Larry Tanenbaum out of symbolically voting against the deal altogether. Tanenbaum’s abstention speaks volumes about the rift between the two Canadian media conglomerates.

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