Bowl Payouts

By Rick Horrow and Karla Swatek

December 7, 2012

Overall, the 35 college football bowl games pay out more than $280 million to conferences, which distribute the revenues based on their own individual formulas. The five BCS games alone will payout approximately $192 million.

Unfortunately, one major conference won’t fare as well as the others: the Big Ten. As the Star Tribune reports, the Meineke Car Care Bowl will pay the Minnesota Golden Gophers $1.7 million. But the Gophers figure to make less money from bowl payouts this year than in 2011, because the Big Ten Conference, which splits bowl game net income equally among its member schools, won’t have as many teams in games this year—7 vs. 10—partially due to NCAA sanctions against Ohio State and Penn State.

The Big Ten will likely generate $8-10 million less in gross bowl revenue than the $47 million it earned last year. The Gophers received about $2.6 million as their share then, but should get about $300,000 less this year.

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