Preaching to the choir

In the marketing part of my job, I write a lot of copy and powerpoint presentations addressed to PE teachers. I often find myself caught up in extolling the benefits of physical education when the people I’m writing for already clearly know about the benefits. They are the professionals shopping HK’s site and attending state AHPERDs—they don’t need to hear it from me!


Sometimes, it is nice to have real proof of how important quality physical education is when justifying time or dollars spent on your program. The link between physical activity and academic performance is especially meaningful. Last week, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released a summary of peer-reviewed research on the relationship between academic performance and physical education. (Follow the link and click the "Download" button to access the 8-page PDF summary.)

I know sharing it with readers of the Human Kinetics’ site is probably "preaching to the choir," but it’s well worth saving a copy of this report for back-up anytime you are asked about why quality physical education is important!


Lori has worked at Human Kinetics since 2002 in the HPERD marketing department. In 2006, she also became the K-12 sales manager for Oklahoma and Nebraska. You can e-mail Lori with any questions about K-12 products, or contact your K-12 sales rep.


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