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Here at Human Kinetics, we had a very busy summer working on our new Web site. We planned blogs, flash content, videos, you name it, to make it a more exciting experience for our customers. It wasn’t until the site launched that I realized how much more fun this new Web site would be for Human Kinetics staff and customers. We’ve really made the most of the new Web site features with one new product in particular...


Hip-Hop Health was released last week. This is a DVD that teachers, recreation leaders, parents, and others can use in any space—classroom, gym, or multipurpose room. The video gives kids a chance to be physically active—while they learn important health concepts. Teachers can chose to be as involved as they want—pop in the DVD and join the kids in the music and movements, stick the DVD in your computer and print out the included lesson plans, or just play the DVD and watch your kids have fun and learn.


Thanks to the new Web site, you can interact with the content in several ways. As always we have a written description on the product page. But we also have an online video of sample content from several songs, as well as descriptions of the features of the DVD. At the time of this writing, this DVD was featured as the lead video on the HumanKinetics.com Web site homepage and it has been played over 31,000 times.


While filming the DVD, we took the opportunity to record a video interview with the authors, Chris Wells and Kurtis Johnson. They definitely have a great love of teaching and I’m amazed at their creativity. Hopefully many of you will have the chance to meet them in person as they head out on the road this fall and spring for presentations at state AHPERD conventions around their native state of New Jersey. We’ll be sure to post their schedule as we get information. And we also have a really fun MP3 sampler of the music. You can listen to it off our Web site or download it in MP3 format. Want more of Hip-Hop Health? Buy it online today.


In my dual role as a sales person and a marketing manager, I really look forward to making the most of the new HumanKinetics.com to communicate with customers. Please comment on this blog post if you have any comments on the Web site, quesitons, etc. I look forward to talking with you! 


Lori has worked at Human Kinetics since 2002 in the HPERD marketing department. In 2006, she also became the K-12 sales manager for Oklahoma and Nebraska. You can e-mail Lori with any questions about K-12 products, or contact your K-12 sales rep.


This article is part of the K-12 PE & Health Roundtable Blog.

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