It seems like it’s a busy time for FITNESSGRAM. Not only did we release the new FITNESSGRAM Web site, but there have been many FITNESSGRAM mentions in local and national newspapers and web sites stemming from California’s release of their FITNESSGRAM testing data. Here are a few articles that came across my desk this week:

  • Fewer Than Half of Calif. Adolescents Meeting All Six State Fitness Goals From California Health Line. A breakdown of some of the data coming from California’s use of FITNESSGRAM for fitness testing approximately 1.4 million students. "The state has shown a gradual increase in adolescent fitness levels, with an average of 34% of middle and high school students meeting all six fitness goals in 2009, compared with about 32% in 2008, 29% in 2007 and 28% in 2006."
  • State’s students getting a little fitter From This article covers the California results from a different angle, including information about the disparity of scores across economic groups, and the role of physical education classes.

There’s no doubt FITNESSGRAM is THE assessment tool of choice. Is your school using it?


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