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Article access: Please note that IJATT articles must be accessed on the Human Kinetics Journals platform at To access the articles, log in at that website (and, your log-in credentials may be different than what you established to access the quiz).


Quiz access: Please note that the IJATT quiz must be accessed from this website, which is our dedicated continuing education platform. Click "Sign In" toward the top left to sign in and access the quiz (and, be aware that your log-in credentials may be different than what you established to access the articles). Before signing in, please disable any pop-up blockers.


Quiz access problems? If you are having trouble accessing the quiz, please consult the below items before contacting us.

  • Because the IJATT quiz and articles are hosted on two different websites, you must log in separately to access the quiz and the articles. This means your log-in credentials may be different between the two websites. If you are having trouble logging in for the quiz, a password reset may resolve your access issues. To reset your password for the quiz, visit Type in your email address and click the "Reset Password" button. You will receive an email with a new password.
  • If you have recently renewed your subscription to IJATT, your quiz access may not yet be established. Please allow up to 5 business days after renewing for your quiz access to be established.
  • You must have a current IJATT subscription to access the quiz. Once your IJATT subscription expires, your access to the quizzes also expires. Contact us to renew.


About the Quiz

The newest IJATT CEU quiz is posted in conjunction with the posting of the newest IJATT issue. This assessment may be used by certified athletic trainers to acquire 3 evidence-based practice (EBP) continuing education units (CEUs) from the BOC for the NATA and by certified athletic therapists to acquire 0.4 CEUs from the CATA.


IJATT is published in January, March, May, July, September, and November, and at the time each issue is posted, the CEU quiz accompanying that issue is also posted. The quiz is available for the duration of 12 months. There will be absolutely NO exceptions made to take the CEU quiz after it has expired. We encourage subscribers to take the quiz far in advance of the deadline in the event time is needed to reconcile any issues (technical or otherwise).

  • You must sign in above to take the quiz.
  • You may get your results immediately on completion.
  • You have one chance to pass the quiz; if you do not receive a passing grade, the quiz is no longer available to you.


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