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Q. What is wrong with my OEC exam? There are no questions on it.

Q. What is wrong with my OEC exam? There are no questions on it.

A. If you are taking an OEC exam and a colored background (tan, blue, etc) is coming up without test questions, this is most likely due to your computer having Norton Internet Security enabled.

Norton released a recent update that writes script to Web pages visited. Our exam page is secure and will not allow the script. This feature from Norton will not allow the page to fully load. We are currently examining the issue for a solution. For the workaround pertaining to this issue, follow these instructions, refresh your Internet window, and try your test again:

Step 1
Log on using the Supervisor account.

  1. Start Norton Internet Security.
  2. In the Norton Internet Security window, in the left pane, click User Accounts.
  3. The account that you are logged in as is displayed after "You are logged on as:" If you are logged on as Supervisor, go to turn on or turn off Norton Internet Security. If you are not logged in as Supervisor, go to line 4 of this step.
  4. Click Log Off.
  5. In the Confirm dialog box, click Yes.
  6. Click Log On.
  7. In the Log On dialog box, in the Account Name list, click Supervisor.
  8. In the Password field, type your password. If you have never assigned a password to the Supervisor account, leave this field blank.
  9. Click OK. You should see the text You are logged on as: Supervisor.

Step 2
Turn on or turn off Norton Internet Security.

  1. Start Norton Internet Security.
  2. In the left pane, click Status & Settings.
  3. Click Security.
  4. Click Turn On or Turn Off.




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