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What are the accessibility requirements of Fitnessgram 8.4?

This article contains information collected during a spring 2005 accessibility review of Fitnessgram 8. The information can be sent to school personnel who need to determine if FG8 meets their accessibility requirements.

Are all of the software functions executable from a keyboard (and not only by using a mouse)?

Here is information for the student screens of the program:

Login: Yes, these software functions are executable from a keyboard.

Main Menu: Need Mouse

Fitnessgram Menu: Need Mouse

Fitnessgram Scores entry screen: This is partially accessible with a keyboard: the user must use cursor to select test event but can type information in boxes and then click Enter to record data. Must close dialog boxes with cursor on OK. Cannot tab to Scores or Questions, View Report, Print Report, Fitnessgram Menu, Main Menu, Exit.

Activitygram Activity entry screen: The only item on this screen that is accessible from the keyboard is the Enter button to add the activity to subsequent time slots. No tabbing or keyboard selections available for selection from pyramid, specific activity, intensity, and length of time. No keyboard access to the buttons along the bottom of the screen.

Activity Log screen: The user can tab through the dates on the calendar but cannot tab to steps or minutes, previous or next months, or any of the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Note: The screen reader indicates when a dialog box pops up, but the reading of the text direction is not comprehensive and the dialog box can be closed only by using the mouse.

Does the software maintain user-selected controls, color selections, and other personal settings? In Microsoft Magnifier, colors are magnified and inverted, but high contrast mode is not allowed.

Does the software avoid blinking or flashing text, objects, or other elements with a flicker frequency greater than 2 Hz and lower than 55 Hz? There is no blinking or flashing text in the program.

Does the software avoid using color exclusively to identify information, actions, or response? Color, highlighting, and text are used to identify information, actions, and program response.

Does the software make additional information available to identify images, icons, and animation? No, it does not. Can the animation be turned off? There is no animation in the program.

Does the software work with a screen reader? The software works partially. It was tested on JAWS and Microsoft Narrator. Are electronic forms and fields accessible with directions and cues available? No directions or cues are currently used. Currently, a change of color (highlighting or graying out) is used to indicate the selection or portion of the program or fields for entering data.

Does the program provide on-screen indication of the location of the input focus as the focus changes? Only visually with highlighting and graying out of text and icons.

Does the program make text information available to support content, input, cursor location, and menu access? Dialog boxes appear when inappropriate data are entered, but the screen reader indicates only a Fitnessgram dialog box and not the information contained in the box.


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