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In Respondus, how do I create a test with more than one chapter?

The Exam Wizard familiarizes new users with the basic functions of Respondus. In addition, the Exam Wizard is the best way to create an exam using questions contained in one or more Respondus files, such as a publisher test bank. The Exam Wizard allows questions to be randomly choose from other files and point values to be assigned across an entire question type.

  1. To begin, select the Exam Wizard button from the Start menu.
  2. The first page of the wizard offers three choices. Select the top choice that states Create a new exam and then copy questions to it from a question bank or Respondus file and click Next.
  3. The next page of the wizard requires you to provide a name and description for the exam being created. Click Next once this information has been entered.
  4. The next page of the wizard prompts you to select the Respondus files from which the questions will be copied. Highlight a file and click the Select button.
  5. Repeat this process until all files from which you want to select questions are selected.
  6. Click Next to continue.
  7. The next page of the wizard prompts you to select one of the source files chosen in the previous step.
  8. You then have the choice of using Automatic Selection or Manual Selection.
    1. When Automatic Selection is chosen, the current number of questions for each question type is displayed in the Available to Select column.
      • In the next column, enter the number of questions you want selected for each question type.
      • Then enter the point values to be assigned to each question type. (This step is optional. If you leave the Points per Question field blank, the point values from the original file will be used.)
      • When all entries are finished, click either the Add to End of List button or the Insert Into List button.
      • Repeat this process for each source file.
    2. The Manual Selection option allows the questions for each file to be viewed before you make a selection.
      • In fact, you can preview individual questions by clicking the title of a question or by searching the entire list of questions by clicking the Keyword Search button at the top right.
      • To select questions from this list, simply click in the column farthest to the left.
      • A checkmark will appear next to the question.
      • When you are finished with your selections, click either the Add to End of List button or the Insert Into List button.
      • Repeat this process for each source file.
  9. The Automatic Selection and Manual Selection options may be combined.
  10. You may also reselect a file the pull-down list and choose additional questions from it. However, Respondus will prevent you from choosing a question more than once.
  11. Once questions have been added to the list at the bottom of the screen, you may edit the point values manually.
  12. To delete a question from the bottom list, or to move it to a different location in the list, click the blue title and select the desired option.
  13. Finally, notice that a tally of the total number of questions and point values appears at the top right corner of the lower grid.
  14. The next and final page of the wizard is self-explanatory. It provides a variety of options about what can occur next. For example, to edit questions in the file, you would select the option to go to the Edit menu. To preview the exam, you would select that option, and so on.


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